Wings open and dreams arise...

So this is us...this is our house...this is our life...this is our family (Matías, 1.7 years old, Alejandro, Mina, Mole and me, Andrea.) Alejandro has his own architecture company with two associates and I am a freelance photographer with experience in Art Therapy. We decided we wanted to give a flip to our lives and start and adventure. 

One thing they don't teach us in school is how to close a cycle and how to let go with no fear. We have learned this with the school of life and this time we wanted to do it correctly. So we did a little improvised goodbye ceremony in our house where we sang, laughed, cryed and did some meditation. We said goodbye to our current lives, to our things and to our dogs, our hearts were a bit broken but also full of joy. Our dogs stayed with friends and our house was rented. We sold the rest of our belongings. 

And the journey begins.

After many months of planning, arranging everything for our departure, we are finally in an airplane heading towards our first stop: San Francisco. It’s our first long airplane trip with the little guy, he has been on airplanes before but the longest trip has been for 1.30 hours.

It surprised us how he managed to stay calm the whole flight, he slept a lot, he played, he ate, he didn’t cry at all. 

We got to San Francisco, neither of us had been there before, so we were all very excited. We got there like at 1am in the morning, Alejandro’s cousin in law picked us up and he took us to our first home as nomads.

We went to sleep and next day we woke up to a new life. Yesterday we were living in a big house, with two dogs, we had our lives pretty much "figured out", and now we have no home, we have no dogs, we have nothing figured out, but we are absolutely happy and convinced about our decision.

It felt weird to be honest, it felt like when you are going on a holiday but then realize it was no holiday, we rented the house, we closed every unfinished business back home and left of for six months, perhaps a year, perhaps longer. I always wanted to know how this feeling felt, now I know and I love it.

The first couple of days were very calm while we got used to our new home, and to the family who very kindly opened their door to us (Alejandro’s cousin, her husband, their 3 year old and their 1 year old kids). We also wanted the change to be easy for Matías so we didn’t want to move him much to different places and many people. He was in a new place, with new people, with a new language....